Spark of Life, Spiritual Evolution and Awakening of Humanity

Monthly Workshops and Teachings on a New Spiritual Evolution Course including:

  1. Awakening, Realisation and liberation
  2. Personal Healing, Crystals, Homeopathy and Energy Healing
  3. Spark of Life, Self Realisation and God Realisation 
  4. Nutrition, Breath, Emotions, Mind and Body
  5. Integration of Faiths and Lineages
  6. Stages of Development and Growth, Evolving Family and Personal History
  7. Overcoming Dark and Light Dimensions
  8. Overcoming Negative and Positive duality
  9. Transforming your Past and Creating a new Reality
  10. Discover Your True Self and Attain a Higher Reality
  11. Personal Development and Creating A New Life
  12. Conscious Business Development 
  13. Creating a Conscious Spiritual Reality and Community
  14. Conscious Marriages and Divine Union
  15. Conscious Parenting
  16. Serving a Higher Purpose in Life 

The Workshops are a powerful teaching, initiation and healing experience. Each one enriched with a book of wisdom for you to integrate into a new practice and lifestyle.

  • Time: Please see updates
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: £80 per session
  • Venue: The Sessions will be held at a private venue, notified on registration.

Register by sending an email with your personal details referencing Workshops and Teachings.