Usui Holy Fire Reiki

dr_usuiMaha Maya Noor is a 7th Dan Master directly in the lineage of Master Usui and of both the traditional and non traditional Reiki lineage.

Taught in its traditional form with a modern potency and power a new Reiki Energy is introduced called the Usui Holy Fire Reiki. The Reiki discipline is taught with great care for its profoundly powerful, pure and enlightening processes. It is a wonderful instrument in daily life, meditation, healing and self realisation. It attunes and balances the energy fields, on a personal and environmental level and unveils a higher seeing and transformation of self at each stage.

The attunements evolve the being, into Reiki and a higher understanding on how to heal different aspects of the being. At each level the initiation evolves the being to a higher self realisation.

Initiates join for various reasons, some may wish to evolve their being, others to become practitioners, healers or teachers, further for self mastery.

Initiations require 3 one on one sessions with Maha Noor and 2 months of preparation. Each level takes about a year of integration and practice to develop.

During the course of preparation it is required to enjoy a meat and alcohol free diet and remain in celibacy. There will be further instructions offered throughout the course.

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