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IMG_4678Q: What do you need to attain Self Realisation?

Maha Maya Noor: A desire to know who you are, and a Realised Master to awaken you. To remind you day and night as a mirror to you.

You have to know the truth, to be free from the bindings of reality and life, control of mind, and dream that this life binds people to.

Do not be fooled easily, by anyone, or by life. There’s no need to fooled. The controls over you life and mind are obvious, media, advertising, false needs, a life that is lived in a linear false fashion.

This is the death and rebirth of the being.

Notice then the traps of the spiritual journey.

Each of these is a higher level of illusion for the being.
Life that is not growing your soul as God is fruitless. Any journey that brings you to God and not From God is fruitless. It is a lie. For a while the teachings may not be able to convey this to you. But the aim of the work needs to be this.

On every path make sure that you are here to attain yourself. A game of life and true living are far from what we are seeing.

Believe in the infinite that is in all Gods as though you are it. There’s no difference between you and this. No mind can understand this. That you are Free. Those who do not know about this Freedom can never attain God as themselves in full.

Self realisation is the realisation of the Self as God. And the freedom that each being has inherently, which is covered by the mayor reality.

You need to be free and to be free you need to awaken. Awakening is my teaching for all in this humanity. Don’t live this life the ordinary way. You are not an ordinary being. You are the miracle of life. You are life. Don’t feel limited or held back or educated or trained or instructed by anything or anyone. Everything is possible from you.

In Self Realisation though, you will realise the Godly essence of your being. And from there it is a journey to the miraculous Self.

Everything is a dream on the way. But this dream is a service to your evolution. Fear nothing, you are ultimately free beyond your knowing.
Loved by God, to be purified in your being and come close to God.