Self Realisation, Spiritual Evolution and Personal Development

Sessions are available to all who are seeking higher teachings, solution and support for the following.

  1. Self Realisation, Spiritual Path, Divine Elevation
  2. Personal teaching and tuition to Awaken, Enlighten and Evolve yourself
  3. Direct instructions on how to evolve your life
  4. Spiritual Homoeopathy, for transformation of the body
  5. Energy Healing, Energy blessing for awakening
  6. Coaching for Personal Change and Transformation
  7. Teachings of the Mystics, Shamanic, Spiritual and Divine paths
  8. Create Peace internally and externally in your life
  9. Evolutionary Teachings on living and creating a Higher Consciousness Reality
  10. Conscious Business life and Corporate Relations (Corporate Sessions are offered one on one and in groups

A rare opportunity for One on One Sessions, offering personal consultation and self enquiry for awakening and personal development. The Sessions empower us to overcome challenges and learn about who we are, delving deeper into understanding life and evolving our being. The session includes Homoeopathic healing and meditation teachings. The work offers healing to purify lifestyle patterns and transform you. This includes overcoming addictions, improving diet, self esteem, family relationships, career, finances and spiritual life. Further the work may take you beyond your limits if you should follow as a student to grow beyond personal perceptions and integrate a journey of evolution with the Master.

Price: £2000 per Session 
Instructions: Please read and follow Session guidelines. 

More about the Sessions.

(In a world where we are constantly searching for answers, truth and practical tools to make a positive and sustainable change in our lives there is nothing more glorious than when we find it! 

Maha Noor has been this for me and so much more! Providing a safe, trusting and free environment Maha Noor allows you the opportunity to explore, develop and realise your true self and your potential and create permanent shifts in your life.

My gratitude and appreciation for Maha Noor and these amazing changes she has helped me make in my life are life long! I look forward to working with Maha Noor in the future and highly recommend making an appointment and starting your own amazing journey!

D. K HR Advisor Oil & Gas)