Maha Maya Noor

Maha Maya Noor is a Jagadguru and Realised Master, Homeopath, Healer and  Teacher of the worlds lineages, who works with individuals, groups, legal, political and professional companies worldwide bringing about a conscious evolution for humanity. She was born awakened, realised and began her journey with the Masters of lineages at 17 in London in the depths of institutional sleep. Since then she been working in the field of law, politics and finance for over 15 years and developed her own method of instructing in Human Evolution, a new perspective of Human Development.

Her own work has been taught for 8 years in one on one Personal Sessions and Groups since 2008 as part of a movement that has spread across the world.

Maha Maya Noor is an initiate of the major religions and lineages, her inspiration derives from a few unparalleled lineages that were a gift in addition to her own profoundly powerful and groundbreaking teachings. The work is a radical, unconventional and powerful path that enlivens higher perceptions, future vision and inspirational change. Her ability to evolve and shift life, reality, businesses and human beings is profound. She transforms individuals from the very first glance, and to converse and spend time with her is to open a gateway for a world of inspiration and teachings that directly change reality, relationships and bring an awakening with what has been called the inscrutable “Mirror” of absolute truths that build higher pathways. Maha Maya Noor is known for her direct clarity, discipline and potent effect on environment, family, root karmas, future evolution of all lineages and more.

Evolving your life she brings you session by session to an upright and truthful lifestyle beyond any ordinary human perception, whilst gently elevating  your community, organisations, structuring and developing organisations and future for businesses as never before in a uniquely inspirational way. On a global level the work with Maha Noor respectfully integrates a global network amongst all ways and sectors alike, bringing a new understanding of human Unity, environmental resources, natural healing, and personal relationships with one another in a way that has never before been brought to life or made possible before.

In this her work is unequalled for bringing lineages and followers of the world together in an appreciation of her contribution and higher realisation of paths. Her work with Masters on a global level encourages greater future for  international relations, wealth and uplifting the living standards with the highest respect for humanity.

On a personal level the work is a truly original gift to humanity, never before carried out, taught or seen this way. It allows a personal transformation that is divine and pure and yet so total in its offering that one feels at peace, safe and at home in life. Her teachings on Self Realisation and the human relationship with Life and existence in total ignites a passionate and unknowable excitement for being on this journey with her. A passion that inflames one with joy and an eternal desire to know more, to be more and to do more with genuine vision, purpose and consciousness for a way forward. Her spiritual teachings invoke an awakening that is life changing beyond all expectations. One must meet, rest and know themselves with Maha Maya Noor and see how life is reborn in us again.

(Maha Noor is a spiritual teacher who shines a torch of conscious light helping you understand what seems like everything – your past, your present and your future. You learn many important lessons and time spent with her provides a profound turning point in your life.
E.L. Actor, Designer and Writer)