Maha Maya Noor is the principle teacher of immortality of this era, she is an awakened being and her main work is the evolution of humanity. She is known for her direct clarity, purity, truth and power. Her work is strong, transformational, fast and rare, making it the highest teachings and path in life accessible to those who are seeking to develop their personal lifestyle, social culture, future organisations, medicine, law, education and other humanitarian endeavours to a new horizon. Her work has been taught for 8 years to individuals and groups, as part of a movement that is gently spreading across the world. Her ability to evolve and shift life, reality, businesses and human beings in a matter of few hours is profound. She transforms individuals from the very first glance, and to converse and spend time with her is to open a gateway for a world of inspiration and teachings that directly change reality, relationships and bring an awakening with what has been called the inscrutable “Mirror” of truths that open the door to build higher pathways.

(Maha Noor is a teacher who shines a torch of conscious light helping you understand what seems like everything – your past, your present and your future. You learn many important lessons and time spent with her provides a profound turning point in your life. E.L. Actor, Designer and Writer)