“Reinventing who you are in complete transformation of your soul, body and mind, is what Maha Maya Noor’s work does for you. In one look, she will turn your world upside down and break all that you ever knew about yourself, accomplished and do, to a diminished state of absolute non existence, and whilst you lie wrcecless in your tears in some moments and rise in joy and promise of a better tomorrow the next, clutching to your heart with hope of her love, she sweeps in with a new understanding and a revelation that not only opens your eyes, fulfils your dreams, potential and truth of your soul beyond your own understanding of it ever before.  That is why one cannot entertain the thought of ever not being with her. The work is held in nothingness, how she works is terrifying and thrilling all at once. What she knows vanishes instantly as she moves through the journey with you to an unbelievable outcome that leaves you hanging in despair of its reality and perfection and an unbounded love that you could never fathom in your heart. Life evolves when Maha Maya Noor is near, let alone when you spend time with her, you do not know what you are getting yourselves into! Enjoy, liberate and awaken one another in her presence. It is the highest gift to humanity one can give to her as well.”

L. S. Director and Teacher, BM

Join us for Courses throughout the year and enjoy the wonderful eye opening and life changing teachings of Maha Maya Noor.

Her teachings are in depth, complete and powerful, with dynamic twists of life changing experiences. The courses are intended for your practical development and evolution.

Whilst they bring success and meaning to your life, they ignite a fire of inspiration within you that burns an everlasting desire to blossom with new vision.

For more information, send an email via the contact form, or watch this space for the dates of upcoming events.