The Sessions and the work are powerful, challenging and life changing, and we love to share people’s experiences to give you a taste of what happens.

Here are some of the devotee experiences and testimonials whose lives have been transformed through working with us.

“Reinventing who you are in complete transformation of your soul, body and mind, is what Maha Maya Noor’s work does for you. In one look, she will turn your world upside down and break all that you ever knew about yourself, accomplished and do, to a diminished state of absolute non existence, and whilst you lie reckless in your tears in some moments and rise in joy and promise of a better tomorrow the next, clutching to your heart with hope of her love, she sweeps in with a new understanding and a revelation that not only opens your eyes, fulfils your dreams, potential and truth of your soul beyond your own understanding of it ever before.  That is why one cannot entertain the thought of ever not being with her. The work is held in nothingness, how she works is terrifying and thrilling all at once. What she knows vanishes instantly as she moves through the journey with you to an unbelievable outcome that leaves you hanging in despair of its reality and perfection and an unbounded love that you could never fathom in your heart. Life evolves when Maha Maya Noor is near, let alone when you spend time with her, you do not know what you are getting yourselves into! Enjoy, liberate and awaken one another in her presence. It is the highest gift to humanity one can give to her as well.”

L. S. Director and Teacher, BM

(Maha Noor is a spiritual teacher who shines a torch of conscious light helping you understand what seems like everything – your past, your present and your future. You learn many important lessons and time spent with her provides a profound turning point in your life.

E.L. Actor, Designer and Writer)

(Maha Noor’s teaching and work has given me a sense of clarity in the midst of London’s freneticism. Her sessions have allowed me to experience a profound level of happiness in and outside of her Sessions and courses. Since I started with her nearly two years ago, my life path has completely shifted, and I feel profoundly content and grateful as a result.

SVO, Consultancy in Production, Development and Communication)

(Business development – Since Maha Noor has been working with me, I have grown in confidence as a leader and business woman on the global stage. She has development for TED talk, interviews, meetings, business establishment and construction, client and employee relationships and continuously helps me refine and improve what is a unique business, as a strong, effective and compassionate director.

What I hold most dear is having a role model who has found a way to remain in the divine whilst operating in the dynamic world of business. 

Maha Maya Noor has expanded my heart and mind beyond the places I even imagined possible. She has guided me into the parts of myself that I feared and taught me to start exploring. Through learning to explore these seemingly ‘scary’ places, I’m finding a a self-awareness that was absent.
Maha Noor provides the perfect balance of being there for you whilst empowering you to make the changes yourself. Mega! The journey is challenging, humbling, and there are times when you’ll want to runaway.
Maha Noor holds the space well and when my children ask me how I carry such grace, I will tell them, “It all begun when I met this woman called Maha Noor.
Thank you!

S. M. CEO Founder and Director MGV)

(I have worked with Maha Noor for over the last year and have been continually impressed with her professionalism. She is one of the most natural “people” person I know which makes her an excellent teacher. With an explosive, expansive, creative energy with her knowledge/ experience /practice and dedication to remaining honest with her clients.

In our present world we are influenced not only by the environment we have grown up in but also modern life too– times have changed, people have changed. Understanding me is one of the hardest and most challenging things I have done but thanks to Maha Noor I am on a spiritual path to confronting my fears.
An exciting journey to finding what was/is holding me back seeking opportunities that present itself, opening the blockages in my heart, dealing with issues past and present. Learning from Maha Noor has given me the confidence to be more self-aware, know what I want and to build a strong foundation in today’s divine presence. Maha Noor makes you feel not just as a client but someone who is a dear friend – She is an inspiration.
A quote from Robert Bresson “make visible what without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”
I can’t thank Maha Noor enough for all her investment in me.

L. E Fashion Designer, CEO, Founder LJEdwards)

(Maha Noor mentioned the Sessions for Healing and I was unconvinced and instead tried the conventional routes such as counselling.

Last Summer I hit a real low point and I went to see Maha Noor when I was suffering greatly. I had come out of an unhappy relationship and was struggling with confidence, a painful past and self worth. I had had a tough time as I had lost my mother 3 years before and had endured a painful family legal battle. I had tried counselling and found it ineffective.

Maha Noor healed me and allowed me to put the past behind me and stop blaming myself and move forward. The Sessions with Maha Noor result in me coming to terms with the past and enabled me to learn to accept myself and realise that I deserved to be treated well.

I do believe that Maha Noor work helped improve my confidence and led to me being able to address issues at work, which meant that I was able to change things at work and assert myself properly. I am now much happier in my career and I have a greater inner confidence which others have commented upon.

If, like me, you have tried more conventional therapies and treatment and found them unhelpful, I would certainly recommend seeing Maha Noor as she brought a calmness to my life that was missing and she has helped me believe and value myself. I thoroughly recommend seeing her and will be going back myself.

V. Y Criminal Barrister) 

(As someone only slowly learning to unfurl at the thought of self-enquiry, I am probably the last person you might expect to leave a testimonial on this site. But a fellow lawyer raved about a session she had with Maha Noor and I was intrigued enough to organize one of my own.

Suffice to say, I went to the first one-to-one and have kept coming back. Maha Noor is brilliant. She has amazing powers of insight, compassion, and healing. Whenever I have decided fatalistically that the universe is against me, she’s managed to pin down the self-sabotaging tricks I’m performing which are causing me to feel that way, and her energy work has allowed me to release those feelings and instead engage with the world with clear-sightedness, compassion and excitement. Each session builds on the last and I find myself much more positive about myself and my future, being far more present in my interactions and filled with much more joy. I cannot recommend this woman highly enough.

S. K Employment Barrister)

(For me attending a workshop with Maha Noor is to embark on to a journey. I have found myself confronting parts of me that I find uncomfortable and also discovering how to move past, through them, or just drop them all together! If you are looking for an experience of yourself past all your conditioning, assumptions and beliefs then I highly recommend sessions with Maha Noor and attending her workshops. I experience her as compassion, wisdom and love. Her passion for showing you who you are shines through in her words, and her voice is a clear note guiding you to your essence. Highly awesome and nothing fluffy, the real deal, try it, there is no way back!!

J. D Adoration Art) 

(I first met Maha Noor at a yoga workshop and found it to be an amazing experience. I then had a one to one session with Maha Noor of which I found mind blowing. I went along not knowing what to expect and couldn’t believe something so incredible existed. The energy sessions are unbelievably powerful and everybody keeps commenting on how vibrant and happy I look. I’m not the sort of person who likes talking about their feelings at all, but Maha Noor manages to make me feel at ease. Maha Noor is a living example of how amazingly different life can be, I’m so lucky to have met her.

L. M Painter and Decorator)

(Connecting with Maha Noor couldn’t have come at a better point in my journey. She’s an enlightened being, shining her guidance as I wade through my self discovery. Her altruistic spirit put me at ease from our first session, and I found myself talking about all the ‘abstract’ thoughts and feelings I have experienced difficulty in understanding. She helped me dissect, dissolve and piece together things I have struggled with for years. Her approach is always gentle, encouraging and non-invasive. She’s been an integral component in my self actualisation and for that, I am eternally grateful.

N. D Artist Management, Bookings & Press)

(Maha Noor, working with you was one of the single best decisions and experiences of my life. The personal breakthroughs I made in those half a dozen sessions with you helped me move forward in my life more quickly than I have over the last 10 years. It was plain to see that you were the master of your gift from the very first hello. Your energy is endless, your knowledge is priceless and your soul is timeless. Thank you for bringing so much light to my life and helping me to face my personal challenges head on with no fear! Thank you for your time, thank you for your care and most importantly, thank you for your love.

D. K Events Manager) 

(In a world where we are constantly searching for answers, truth and practical tools to make a positive and sustainable change in our lives there is nothing more glorious than when we find it!

Maha Noor has been this for me and so much more! Providing a safe, trusting and free environment Maha Noor allows you the opportunity to explore, develop and realise your true self and your potential and create permanent shifts in your life.

My gratitude and appreciation for Maha Noor and these amazing changes she has helped me make in my life are life long! I look forward to working with Maha Noor in the future and highly recommend making an appointment and starting your own amazing journey!

D. K HR Advisor Oil & Gas) 

(The work Maha Noor has done with me has been truly invaluable… In such a short space of time I have gained a greater understanding of my true self in a way that no books or research could ever achieve. I have, for the first time in my life, genuinely and consciously connected with the synchronicity of my body and mind and in this way become aware of my repetitive thought patterns. The techniques that Maha Noor uses are very unique as she has an inherent ability to sense what is needed at that point in your life. The energy work can therefore be planned and thought out, but can equally be very spontaneous and catered towards what you need at that very moment in time. The process is relaxing, fun and carefree – the way life should be all the time! With Maha Noor I am learning to let go of my issues and to live my life to the fullest and for the greatest good of myself and, therefore, everybody around me. I am now able to observe, deal with and address my negative thought patterns in a healthy and positive way. Although I am fully aware that constant work is needed for me to be connected, present and the best I can be, it has been a great revelation that, through Maha Noor I am able to address all of the traits inside myself that I took for granted as part of my identity. I highly recommend everyone and anyone to meet with Maha Noor  and to see the results for themselves after one appointment. I have never met anybody like her.

A. S Singer Song Writer and Musician) 

(Maha Noor truly works in magical ways. I have been taken by her on wondrous journeys and each time the gifts that I have brought back with me have been helpful and illuminating, enabling me to understand myself with greater clarity and compassion. This may be specific information, a shift in how I feel or a new understanding of a situation. Maha Noor guides me to insights and opens doors through which I open to myself. Her wisdom is profound and she creates a safe environment in which to do this deep work. I feel very comfortable working with her. For me, Maha Noor facilitates multidimensional healing, and when it is all too much for me to get my head round she delivers the words that guide me to realisation. This is all done in her gentle way and is delivered with much love. I wholeheartedly recommend the magic that Maha Noor awakens, it is a wonderful journey. Thank you Maha Noor!

J. D Artist and Energy Healing Practitioner)

(Working with Maha Noor has been the most transformational and heart opening experience. In a joyful, safe and sacred space, Maha Noor enabled me to identify and release deep rooted limiting patterns and behaivours that had been holding me back from living fully for much of my life. The work has brought about such a profound shift, I feel like a new person, and I am enjoying the freedom and possibilities that come with living more aligned to my higher truths and from my heart.

A. F Community Support Manager) 

(I visited Maha Noor when I was going through a difficult period in my life and had many concerns and emotional issues that needed addressing. I find when talking with her, that she manages to provide extreme clarity and perspective on all the issues I raised. She has an amazing ability to listen very attentively and to calmly turn the issues I raised into focus points for the healing process. She creates a peaceful and inviting environment which gave me a feeling of relaxation and positivity. Each session was a personal progress as Maha Noor addresses each new concern in order to develop from the previous. The structure of her sessions are carried through professionally and with a clear structure and flow. I would highly recommend visiting Maha Noor to anyone wishing to personally develop. Since visiting her, I have a much deeper awareness and understanding of myself. Maha Noor has created a positive energy within me which has allowed me to turn my fears and doubts for the future into hope and calmness which is a development I continue to work on.

V. R Deputy Retail Manager)

(As I already knew Maha Noor as a friend I thought it might be strange sharing private thoughts and experiences with her. However she instantly put me at ease. She was warm and welcoming and it was very easy for me to open up to her. She was professional, sensitive and understanding throughout. Not once did I feel I wanted to hold back or that she was dismissive of my concerns. I felt really excited and calm after our session and was keen to learn more about myself. So much of what Maha Noor had said and uncovered in just one session was accurate and left me wanting to learn more. Maha Noor has continued to support me after our session by asking how I am and answering any concerns or queries I have had. I look forward to meeting up with her again.

S. P Project Manager)

(Despite going on a few courses focusing on leadership/personal development, I hadn’t found anything that truly added value to my skill-set or challenged me to understand myself. Maha Noor was recommended to me by a friend and I soon found out why. Her dogged perseverance in identifying the underlying issues that held me back professionally was something that I hadn’t encountered before. Consequently, I have been able to map my ambition, pinning down the areas that need development and providing me with a clear set of career objectives.

P. Z Corporate Press and Public Relations Manager)

(When I met Maha Noor we instantly connected with one another. I told Maha Noor about some of the challenges that I was facing. Maha Noor invited me to take personal life coaching sessions with her. We talk a lot about how to turn the negative aspects of my life into positive & fruitful ones. And believe me that’s exactly what she has done for me! Maha Noor is an amazing teacher. She knows what she’s talking about without the gimmicks. Maha Noor is a true life coach and teacher. She is a wonderful and beautiful person who has taught me a lot since working with her. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for coaching & supporting me, it’s good to see there are beautiful people around.

F. W Sound Engineer, Music Producer and DJ)

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