Masters of Manifestation was established in 2008, it offers an unconventional evolution for humanity, reigniting the flame for active self development and self evolution, made accessible to everyone.

It brings to life the opportunity to develop the habit of seeking higher knowledge and living a truly higher conscious way of life, transforming the way progressive people in all fields of development should look at their endeavours.

The Sessions with Maha Maya Noor are personal, formal, in group and individual settings.

You can also have personal contact with Maha Maya Noor via Social Media.



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Where you can meet together to join in an evolutionary development programme with like minded people and grow a new generation for the new era.




Books by Maha Maya Noor from the Publishing House of Masters of Manifestation

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Booking a One on One Session:

To make an appointment with Maha Maya Noor please send an email with your details, brief description of your interest in the work, personal circumstances and availability.

London and International Groups:

London Groups and Individuals , please email your name, telephone number and brief introduction to yourself and why you would like to join us.

International Groups and Individuals can join the work via Skype and other media, please send an email with your interest in the work and the required information to begin.

Workshops and Teachings:

Workshops and teachings are announced on the website when arranged.  You need to register with a consultation before attending. To find out more, please send an email requiring more information or check the website regularly.


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