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Leadership Sessions

The famous one on one Sessions began with the secret teachings of this Master to a few private students and soon spread globally just by word of mouth. They offer Leadership development at its best, reinventing who we are and evolving our relationship with the world. Sessions cost £2000 for a limited time, they are 2 hours long and can be booked weekly.

Commercial Sessions

Company Sessions work on the dynamics of your company, its products, places and people. The Company sessions enhance your vision, products, delivery, branding, communications, people and modalities with a view to taking them forward to a new generation and building long lasting infrastructure. Sessions cost £10,000, are 2 hours long and can be booked weekly.

Social Evolution

The Social Evolution Sessions bring a new vision, purpose and power to communities, with a view of evolving their culture and future. The Sessions give us a clear view of the new world, the generations to come, the trends of human evolution, knowing who you are and how to make the most of it. The Sessions evolve and create the new world humans! The aim of the Sessions are to enhance communities. To love people and to look after them, to ensure that they are given inspiration, encouragement and support for their future and feel capable to grow in the world. Clients are offered the opportunity to become Members of MastersOM and benefit from working closer with Maha Maya Noor.

Technology and Environment

The world has changed, we have changed, our environment and ecosystem have changed. If we want to sustain the human race, the animals and the ecosystem we need to get to work and work with new technologies that nurture these three and ensure their futures. It's not as hard as it sounds! These Sessions are project based and can be negotiated with different companies. One of the most exciting ventures in our lifetime, which will see the transformation of the human being from flesh and bone to it's very environment.

About the Work

The work is the first of its kind in the world, evolving the human being to its next development stages and with them their company, vision and influence in the world. This is only possible through working with Maha Maya Noor, who is a Masters of Evolution and has been developing individuals, companies and businesses since 2008. Her insight, vision and power are essential to the development of the world. Maha Maya Noor literally develops the foundations of future generations with people and companies who are by nature visionary and enlightened, around the world. To be a part of this magnificent work, please write to us sharing who you are, your vision and mission and we will contact you to arrange an introductory interview. 

Client Portfolio


To lead is to promise and fulfil services and futures superior to the present and to move through that journey with full force. Leadership models move from promising goals above and beyond capabilities and pressing employers to deliver impossible goals, leading to eventual failure and customer disappointment as we have seen occur in the banking industry. So what can we offer that will change the world of Leadership? Well, the Leader has to evolve in order to think, see and build with a new vision and understanding of what they stand for. This is the most profound era of the human race as it faces one dilemma in all global aspects of its living, either with a fly or die. It’s time to grow wings! Watch this space as humanity is about to undergo the greatest evolutionary leaps of its history yet. Only through the Sessions with Maha Maya Noor.

Company Evolution

Enhance your company’s potential.  It’s a little wild to think about how our future will evolve.  We infused the mission with a new Vision and soon went on to develop the future of the organisation to encounter its new potentials and possibilities in communication, culture, engagement, social development, education and international development. Find out more about how your company, people and products can evolve to bring the new era of mankind closer to our fingertips.

Social Evolution

We offer one on one and group sessions to the unemployed and disadvantaged, bringing vision, purpose and power back into their lives. The most rewarding act in the world is to change the life of another being for the better and to be known as a positive influence.  It generates the essential spirit of community, hope and love for life, from which purpose is born in all mankind. This beautiful spirit which alone holds the secret for the immortalisation of the human race, is something that is deteriorating today in society. Therefore we are bringing social development to the forefront of our mission and evolving it to amazing new heights. Humanity works and grows together. In this view Maha Maya Noor brings the Sessions to designated social groups, to build new lives upon new social foundations and fulfil our highest natural aspirations and hopes for life, that it is good, profoundly meaningful and made of beauty everywhere. 

Technology and Environment

The world has changed, we have changed, our environment and ecosystem has changed. If we want to sustain the human race, the animals and the ecosystem, we need to get to work and develop new technologies that nurture these three and ensure their futures. It’s not as hard as it sounds! These Sessions are super exciting, the latest project of SOL, Speed of Light Evolutionary Development with Maha Maya Noor. The Sessions are 12 weeks long and priced per project. This is one of the most exciting opportunities in our era, which will see the transformation of the human being from flesh and bone to it’s very environment!

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