About Masters OM 

admin-ajax.phpMaha Maya Noor is a Paramguru, Realised Master and World Teacher, who offers a perspective on life that transforms all aspects of one’s being, reality and future at once. Her vision is potent, her work transpires across all realms in a powerful vision that combines stories, teachings and ways beyond one’s imagination.

Her contribution on a legal, political, social and more personally on health, future businesses and wealth is an outstanding offering to elevate the institutional world to a higher conscious reality. It has been a work of over 15 years in development and has results that flourish beyond the ordinary.

Maha Maya Noor is also a great promoter for evolutionary development, health, higher and intelligent nourishment, easily clearing addictive patterns for life transforming changes to take place on a level that evolves the self, relationships, work and community. Maha Maya Noor is also a Homoeopath and offers a karmic understanding and healing of diseases and relationships with an extraordinary insight into natural healing.

Her teachings offer an understanding from a unique perspective of the most divine knowledge and powers, relationships of the world, Humanity, to Laws, Politics, Relationships, Evolution of Humanity, Personal Relationships and more. Her work naturally opens one to the greatest and the best, connecting us with with ease and flow and ourselves with our own divine and higher reality.